Official launch of Tricia OBEN’s ‘Women of the Reunification’


The official book release of  ‘ Women of the REunification’ by Pioneer and seasoned Journalist of the CRTV, Editor of Profiles ‘ Magazine, and Woman of Substance,Tricia OBEN kicked off thursday,15th December 2011, with brief presentations from chairperson,and other prolific writers who acknowledged her writing  intelligence and pushful business spirit geared towards development.

Present during the official book launch were administrative authorities, CRTV Littoral Station Manager,FM 105 Station Manager, renowned International lawyer, Barrister Ntumfoh Nico HALLE, renowned author Graham JIMNGANG and Journalists from the different media organs who took the appointment to celebrate the untold stories of brave women who made a mark at a difficult time.

The 93paged book paints a picture of illustrous efforts made by ordinary women towards the reunification process. The Untold stories of these women craved a debate grounding as to whether or not,  a cultural or legal  impediment  existed then to stop more women from doing politics.

The laws, Mrs FONACHU Rose said, did not at any point in time prevent the women from daring. This could be illustrated then, through the lack of role models,incentives and schools to train the women in order to upgrade their understandings in different fields. Still speaking on the bold step the author made, in her strife to sensitize the woman of today on the barriers she has created for herself, Mrs FONACHU Rose talked on the evolution of the legal profession,stating that women didn’t dare at that time,because they lacked self confidence. The first woman,Ma Welechi,she proceeded inspired many other women into the profession because the women understood that they had to liberate themselves,educate themselves and take on the journey of success,so as to serve an eye opener for many others still doubting on their capacities, to wake up from slumber like Tricia OBEN and work for the development of the nation.

The International advocate, Barrister NTUMFOH Nico HALLE on his part, descriped Tricia OBEN as as Intelligent, Hardworking, Determined & Courageous woman, who will stop at nothing to pass on an idea for the benefit of all. After bethroting the exact qualities rating the author of this masterpiece ‘Women of the reunification’ , then came the golden voice of the writer herself, who explained her motivation towards this achievement.

 It may interest you to know that She didn”t just look at the lifestyle of these heroines, but as well the evolution of women’s support towards development. She observed a big gap and decided to fill it by creating awareness on the thick & thin some women went through at a particular time, comparing it with achievements of the day,with the intention of calling on women to sit up and grab what’s theirs. The official release of the masperpiece ‘Women of the reunification’ ended with the Cameroonian woman retaining that only hardwork,self-disipline and devotion can take her to the frontlead. Anything far from that is laziness & unfruitfulness which are all short cuts to failure. If 17 women were  in parliament decades ago,then at least 32 should be the present figure,but I’ll deceive you with a revelation of 19  today, indicating that the womanfold, like Tricia mentionned, must wake up from slumber.



12 thoughts on “Official launch of Tricia OBEN’s ‘Women of the Reunification’

  1. Sophlane White

    When I watch you on Ltm TV Amy; I see a new generation of Anne NSANG NKWAIN, Tricia OBEN and OPRAH WINFREY. You are a model for the old and young generation.
    WE see all ur ordeals live and ur strength in handling them , and now you have created your own blog. Kudos my dear, how do I get a copy of Tricia’s book and how much will it cost me?
    Don’t relent your efforts. Keep fighting the just battle and before u know it, you will make not only Cameroon proud, but Africa as well. We LOVE you Amy.

    Thanks and Happy Prosperous New 2012.

  2. armelle

    Eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ma copine

    Tu nous rend fier toujours.

    Comment pourrai-je avoir la copie du livre?

    C’est une femme a encourager comme toi meme.

  3. Talom Alex

    I really like this book has it been translated in French? How can I get her Email address or her pnone number? Please help me out

  4. Talom Alex

    we always talk about men while forgetting that even women took an active part in our reunification. Is it male gender or what?

    • Anye Amandine Ngum

      Hello Amy Banda Ghogomo, true daughter of the fahther. Happy to know that u have also pursued journalism. Really interested in Tricia,s Obeb,s book. How do i get to meet her or even have a copy of the book? Really interested in gender and politics especially the reunification stories

      • You cancall me by dialing 79 47 54 15 and I will get a copy for you. Or you call Tricia through 75 22 98 98 and let her know I gave you her contact because you needed a copy of the ‘Women of the reunification’ after reading an article on my blog about the launch.
        Today on ‘Voice of the Voiceless’ exclusive to STV; we delve on Women in Politics and I will talk about her efforts to celebrate female political figures that set the pace for independence in our Country.

        Seasonal Greetings.

  5. Anye Amandine Ngum

    Hello Amy,
    I am Anye Amandine, a teacher by profession an a master II student of the university of Ndere. Its been really long since we separated from G H S mankon remember? hope to read from u soonest

    • Hi Anye,
      Thanks for keeping in touch.
      How is the teaching profession?
      You took after our mentors huh?
      That is great.
      I am no with the STV in Douala and I invite you to join us as often as possible to topple on interesting issues that can change our fast changing society to the moral valued place we once knew.
      Merry Christmas.

    • Thanks for the correction Mah Fonachu. Thanks for the read. I wish to have you live for 10 minutes on ‘Cameroon’s Crow’ for a talk on how just is justice. Tuesday July 14th is an ideal opportunity.

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