Traders of the Casablanca Market frown at the BUC


The traders of the Casablanca market in Bafoussam have been complaining that the potential resourceful land has been abandoned to its fate. They were airing their grievances to the Bafoussam urban Council delegate, Emmanuel NZETE who is answerable to that responsibility.

The traders say they practice their activity in growing bushes in the eyes of the authorities who have deprived them of even simple market agents to handle affairs, disturbing main actors of the Casablanca market.

In response to their cries and worries, Emmanuel NZETE paid a working visit to the enclaved and abandoned zone, promising to launch rehabilitation works in order to refurbish the outlook and view of the Casablanca market.

The Labourers have 25 days to complete the execution phase so that these struggling and hardworking Cameroonians can  gain their posts of duty, for economic growth and national progress,as prescribed by the Number 1 personality.



One thought on “Traders of the Casablanca Market frown at the BUC

  1. stephane tchakam

    Ces problèmes finiront quand les autorités mettront en oeuvre les fonds proprement dites pour executer les projets votés.

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