Douala: Sawas to Construct Cultural Complex


12 Mars 2012 Christopher JATO

The first Ngondo General Assembly meeting for 2012 was organised on Saturday.


The Sawa cultural gathering known as Ngondo has announced the imminent construction of an ultramodern cultural complex in the port city of Douala. The Sawa people, elite and traditional chiefs took the decision during the 2012 first ordinary General Assembly meeting at the Salle des Fetes in Akwa on Saturday, March 10.

The complex, it was disclosed, will host the annual Ngondo festival, important traditional and cultural meetings as well as play an important touristic function. The complex will be constructed near Pont Joss in Bonanjo, on a piece of land offered by President Paul Biya for the purpose.

The meeting discussed, among others, the site allotted for the construction of a cement plant by Dangote Industries Cameroon Limited, a subsidiary of the Nigerian Dangote Group. Ngondo President, His Royal Highness Din Dika Akwa III, said the site occupied by the company was property of the Sawa people especially used during Ngondo festivities, and thus they cannot afford to lose it. He expressed thanks to the government for halting work on the site.

Sawa elite said the land allocated for the cement plant on the banks of River Wouri, specifically at Base Elf, was meant for the construction of a city park and is joint property of the Douala City Council and the Douala Seaport.

Speaking in his capacity as Sawa elite and Government Delegate to the Douala City Council, Dr. Fritz Ntone Ntone, told reporters that the City Council has a cultural partnership with Ngondo, reason for its involvement in the 2011 Ngondo festivities. He revealed that the City Council will participate in the construction of the complex, as well as offer technical and material support.


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