Its getting close and artists booking like hell…..the first ever Red Carpet entertainment show for entertainers in Cameroon….

SAMA NDANGO is a talent coach, an international orator, a development-driven patriotic Cameroonian who has a lot of plans to boost up the entertainment offers in his homeland. We caught up  with him, a week before the official launch of his new concept ‘The Fix it Show’ intended to assemble young and untapped potential for finetuning and refinery to steer creativity and ingenious production at best. He briefly explains the whole concept for prospectful contestants and participants.

Administrator: What is this new concept you wish to introduce in the SW coastal city of Limbe?

SAMA NDANGO: It is called the Fix It Show (A product of The Sama Ndango Show) which is a platform to bring together, educate, entertain and promote Cameroonian entertainers (Musicians, Actors, Presenters, Designers, Comedians, Dancers, Stylists, film producers). In fact anyone connected to the entertainment industry in Cameroon.

Administrator:    What is the objective of such an initiative?

SAMA NDANGO: We aim to bring together all those who are predominantly involved in the entertainment industry both locally and internationally, to create a synergy, where their fans, both local and international will get real time updates about their activities across the various distribution channels(Local and international TV stations, Radio, Magazines) that we are contracted to.

Administrator:    What do you expect from such an entertainment forum?

This platform is the first of its kind and will be a perfect breakthrough for emerging talents in the industry. It will be an opportunity for entertainers to meet their colleagues from different denominations, right across the industry, get to know them and network on possibilities of working together, to gain a fair market share of the worldwide fan base. These stars will be given the red carpet treatment they truly deserve and this will be aired across our various media distribution channels.

Administrator: Who takes part in the brilliant FIX it Show concept?

SAMA NDANGO : This event will be exclusively on invitation basis only and for the first time, Artists will be able to stride on the Red Carpet, be filmed and interviewed with their views about the upcoming developments which will be made available to the emerging fan base via our distribution channels. It will be a star studded event based on the unbelievable response and demands we have received for invitations. Unfortunately, we will not be able to invite everyone.

However, we will ensure all denominations across the entertainment industry are well represented.

Administrator:  How do you intend to refine the untapped potential in raw talents in this new concept of yours?

SAMA NDANGO: There will be performances from selected artists in the night. We will also have industry leaders giving inspirational advice. The event will be hosted by Sama Ndango of the Sama Ndango Show (Award winning Online TV show in the UK ) and leading presenters of the industry.

Administrator:  Can you please remind us of the date, venue and duration?

SAMA NDANGO: The event will take place on 21.04 in Limbe. Location to be confirmed next weekend as our international team arrives Cameroon.

Administrator: You know that the past always goes with the present Mr talent coach and wonderful orator, Two years ago you were in Cameroon to introduce  ‘Miss Supranational’, it was quite a brilliant and huge materialisation for a young novice like you, why haven’t we had the second edition since the official launch of the 1st?

SAMA NDANGO: Miss Supranational was a great concept and was a bit limiting in its ability to bring out the best of Cameroonian entertainers of a wider spectrum. We have created The Fix It Show, to extend and meet these demands both locally and internationally.

Administrator: Thanks for talking elaborately on an interesting initiative which will be of gain to the entertainment industry of Cameroon and why not the Sub region.

SAMA NDANGO: Thanks for having me Amy. I hope to have you as a VIP guest on the red carpet event  to fix the golden art you have towards perfection.

The Fix It Show:
Live performances from leading Cameroonian entertainers..
Red Carpet interview of Celebrities
International Media
Fix It Dance performance
Free Fix It Cocktail all through
Lots of prizes to be won

Meet and mingle with top Cameroonians in the showbiz industry….

For Guestlist..please register here:

For artists..wanting to perform…please register here:


Reneta: 93200971
Paul: 0447868899074

5 thoughts on “Its getting close and artists booking like hell…..the first ever Red Carpet entertainment show for entertainers in Cameroon….

  1. NO

    Je vois the continuation of Miss Supranational. Kudos. Dis a ton gars la de te tenir la main hein. Courage ma belle et ma Grande. J’admire bcp ce que tu fais pour la boite STV 2. Je sais que tu n’as meme pas commencer, mais tu aspire la lumiere. Tres fier de toi.

    • Merci. L’evenement ‘The Fix it SHow’ aura lieu le 21 Avril 2012 a Holiday Inn Resort a Limbe. Informe tout tes ami(e)s et les amoureux du divertissement en qualite.
      Bon weekend.

  2. Hey Kingsley,
    The Organising Committee has confirmed the Holiday Inn Resort..Limbe…as venue for the show. Make it if you are chanced and enjoy the splendour of entertainment made in Cameroon.

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