3rd BATIMAIDE Forum : Professionals provide solid building expertise



20th of March 2012

Owning Land estates, having access to quality construction material, and building a solid, strong and safe structure on an appropriate portion of land, in the strict respect of standard quality construction norms are  3 principal elements every landlord or prospectful house owner must take into consideration before laying the foundation stone of a building.

These facts were revealed during an information meeting at the Littoral Governor’s office tuesday, in a press conference organised by the brainbox of the housing fair BATIMAIDE Mrs NDOUMBE Priso Grace , with the aim of tacking major construction challenges faced by citydwellers of DOUALA.

Still speaking, she revealed that the main innovation of the 3rd Forum of BATIMAIDE is the partnership links sealed with state institutions through the Ministries of Housing and Urban Development, Finance, External Relations, Trade and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicraft. These cooperation ties will enable the inhabitants of the economic metropolis to afford quality building material at affordable prices during the weeklong fair at the Bonanjo Party House from the 12th to the 19th of April 2012.

Representatives of the state-owned institutions, Civil Society Organizations and NGOs of the Housing and urban Development arena, left the information sitdown retaining that the use of quality and solid building equipment can only but ameliorate the lifestyle of the Douala citydwellers.



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