SIA TOLNO presents her life at the French Institute of Cameroon – Douala


The 2011 RFI Prize Winner SIA TOLNO in an exciting and explosive concert confirmed her talent, maturity and energy in a live concert, thursday,  at the French Institute of Cameroon. Telling us her story in the forest voice, the crowd full of expectations enjoyed the intense and pleasurable moment of sharing with the best voice of the year.

Laureate of the 2011 RFI  Discovery Prize

Thursday 22 March – 8p.m

The profound blend of vocal expression, stage performance and intense words blew the minds of the crowd to ectasy. The intensive display of action and feeling snatched emotional tears from the audience as the songs cohabited the bodies of fans and musician SIA TOLNO. The evening was quite an exciting enriching discovery for some participants who just came to commemorate the Francophonie celebrated two days ago.

A run-down of her debut…….

 It may interest you to know that from childhood, she started her singing career in the company of her cousins with whom she spent holidays. She finetuned the art of singing in live performances staged in different music halls in Conakry where she sang songs written by Music Diva  Whitney  Houston. Taking her roots from the most blessed continent, she also tapped energy in reciting of African songs.

SiaTolno_Concert_15_161 This blend of hardwork, creativity and talent earned SIA TOLNO a contract  with a producer in 2002,  and this speeded up the release of ‘ La voix de la forêt’, in English, The voice of the Forest. Her first levied her a remarkable and self glued trophy; best voice of the year.

The journey of success continued to enlighten her path and she was a VIP guest on the programme ‘Africa Star’ in Libreville- GABON in 2008. This gave her a bigger opportunity of connecting with more fans and relating to them through songs reflecting their daily life experiences. The International Musician Pierre Akendengué  of Gabonese origin could not help but realise the urgent need of giving the necessary support to  José Da Silva, who signed the first contract with the artistic germ.

In 2009, she released another  album at Lusafrica, produced and arranged by maître Kanté ManlifaEh Sanga (which means  “hardship” in the artist’s mother tongue) is a classic sung in Kissi, English and French . She was accompanied by the saxophonist Mamadou Barry, in a featuring .

She developed her skill through creative writing in 2011 and  recorded a new album in the  Conakry based  Mory Kanté studio, arranged by  François Bréant, one-time producer of  Thione Seck and Salif Keita. Sia in a dynamic, beautiful, impressive and most of all,  energetic release denounced  “demokilling”, a pessimistic version of the African democraty. My Life, the title song  of this album, saw light in september 2011. The Odju Watcha  premier is a blend of the strings of the electric  guitar coded to a personal dynamic afro funk hit.  Sung in créole, it is a melange of kissi and mendi, two national and practical languages of her natal region  Guéckédou.

This Title song does not only reflect her true personality but as well embellishes her career with a significant comparism to the ‘African Voice’  Miriam MAKEBA .

And so the crowd left in regret wondering why time past so fast with the twickle of an eye.



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