Douala:Joseph Beti Assomo installed Littoral Regional Boss


Joseph Béti Assomo is the New Governor of the Littoral Region.

He received his baton of command Friday 30 March 2012 in an official ceremony chaired by the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation, René Emmanuel Sadi. Former governor of the Far North region, the 53 year old civil administrator, replacing Francis Faï Yengo (going on retirement) is expected to instill security measures that will shun disorder and uncivic habits out of the economic metropolis..

The newly installed Governor is expected to regularise the motor bike sector pending registration and immatriculation formalities which end on 12 June 2012.

Meantime, Bernard OKALIA BILAI, one time SDO for FAKO division has assumed office as governor of the South West Region. He was installed to his functions Thursday 29 March 2012 in a colourful inauguration ceremony presided over by Rene Emmanuel SADI, attended by a cross section of top brass officials, traditional and religous authorities of the SWR. The Newly installed governor is confronted to so many stakes and challenges, the SW people hope, he will outrightly address with wisdom, for the sake of peace, unity and development.


2 thoughts on “Douala:Joseph Beti Assomo installed Littoral Regional Boss

  1. Sir
    Merry Christmas and new year in advance,Are we to sit-down and let’s our problem’s throw us out from receiving breakthrough.we are being made to be successful and to achieve the best golds in life.let’s stop under-minding situation that has been given for solution making.are we this mean for letting people with mind full of deceive and betrayer put worriness in our life’s.we all know at the point of death,do to some situation only the truth shall set us free in such a situation.don’t let’s your worries destroy your whole being act.

    I still ask;In meme division is reunification really our problem.what really made the governor for south west visited kumba.the case concerning my certificates end this year.
    it’s please me with too much privilege for understanding and to notify you concerning the problem’s ,I have long complained about,which has to do with my certificate’s and my whole being,In the societies today,some are also facing this type of problem like mine but they are afraid to be bold to stand up to their expectation.For the republican and you sir,they is no much to say,because right now my educational career has being destroy for the past many years now.each time my complains comes up ,some one tempted with it through means of corruption and master minding others thought concerning me and others who face this very type of obligation in life which i stand to gain,is for the rise up of some suffering youth and my situation should be act with caution for justice.justice.
    Neither have I ever heard ,when a protocol is made in a constitutional council like the g.c.e board and the government,can’t be broken by anyone,In the saying is your family.when you broke the law you most answer to justice,no matter what situation you found yourself.

    Sir and the republican I still stand and maintain that justice should be given because my life has been destroy with too much lies and deceive,more ever abuse rustic wants,for no good reason or cause neither have I ever broken the law in my entire life living on earth.please consider my messages with thought and put a rethink on to this note with your whole heart and grant my heart desire with love and help for assisting me through this struggle,am encountering.let’s what that has been proclaim concerning my certificates and the case of others be granted .To simplify the whole
    of this problem’s let’s what have be ask to paid,be pay without any further delay’s,sir to get more information about this note of mine,please kindly read some of my messages in Facebook as beteck leshin Jacob takor,chose the one with picture.what the did to me was a deliberately act. true to GOD

    many hands have touched the money,ask to be paid to me concerning the certificate’s and the help of my condition.for the respect of law in Cameroon,justice never have neither a brother nor sister,when you broke the law.Am responsible for my own welfare meaning I sent my self through this g.c.e ordinary level examination,I will never set my feet inside any classroom until the justice I have asked,be given,until then shall I stop.
    I have been sending countless messages.please grant me this privilege and read my messages in side Facebook,remember
    CCC KUMBA 2004 AND
    CCAS KUMBA 2008
    school are closing today,my problem’s end
    this year.

    wind shall blow for the wicked to be expose in public,for public
    disgrace,him that involved in cases that doesn’t concerning him in any way or have any problem’s in his whole being,this type of person is really a trouble maker,whom lack the spirit of Jesus Christ in his life,we call them{busybody}they have deeply
    sale their soul for MV and greed,If you are about to involve your self in any case ,you most then act with conscience and let’s your heart be in peace,when decree it’s being made it doesn’t need to be broken by any individual or party’s.protocol are made to be respected with humbleness ,apology is the best form,for some responsible solution,don’t stop your self from saying or speaking the truth and also learn to face your fear,we are all human,we have feelings,be caution act,for a better purpose,our destiny in Cameroon shine all over the continent in the world,why did some one has to be UN-caution when a problem it’s being given for solution,sacrifice my people.

    On the 15 December ,we all mourn a great lost madiba,his burial shaking our heart ,his words he lift behind built-ed our strength and keep our feet on the ground strong for conciliation ,he said we most hate,to learn,to love.also am master of my faith captain of my soul.I say to you good bye pa madiba,NELSON ROLIHLAHLA MANDELA,MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE AND MAY THE LORD GRANT HIS SOUL SAFE REST AND PLACE AMEN.

    when king Saul became impatient ,he lost faith and failed the test,I fear this is happening to many in this days,GOD tested
    king Saul by delaying Samuel
    only those who thoroughly love his appearing will last
    through this final delay that test.
    the patience of the saint.patience my people and
    act with good reason for the benefit to our societies
    courage spirit my case.

    the beginning does not matters,it’s the end that matters
    we are not born to become slave to others.
    the almighty GOD made us so special in such a ways our basic ideals it’s being put for a better resources creativity prospective,so has to help the needed and building our societies in to the best form capacity of our
    knowledge.and also made others to be able to acknowledging the factor or fact creating a better standard of living among societies.In some societies case where people lack the knowledge to upgrade development.
    we use the potential and prospective in us
    help them by given them better development facilities.
    In some other societies people are suffering,why’ Do to MV manipulation and corruption,make some societies to fall,mostly when embezzling funds
    help collapsing societies progress.
    please kindly help some of us,by given us the best assistance,we never had or have.
    If i should have being rich like others then delighted would i be,watching the show in littoral province,my greetings this morning goes to all the presidents all over the continent on earth,mostly the president in the republic of Cameroon,minister’s and governors and most special governor JOSEPH BETI ASSOMO,happy new year in advance.


    please the republican in Cameroon and of the world help me
    regain justice in my situation,don’t let’s
    the wicked condemn our future with lies and abuses
    act for the better assistance and fight for
    a good cause.the clue is there,don’t be afraid
    am above all you see in this town
    they act is made for jealousy.don’t listen to any one
    his excellence.I like people who can call me or see me in person
    it’s will be a honor, thanks for being there for me

    this coming years is a blessed year for south west province
    and the world too.for the visit by the president in Cameroon
    president PAUL BIYA,let’s all our problem’s be table before him;
    before you do some make sure,my own is table first by the believe in me
    he will do and say so many developing word and decree
    for a good development project,the president has already made his
    judgement which I knew long ago,greedy wants would not allow me
    to enjoy my youthful stage.
    Am i a bad person
    Am i doing something wrong
    ever I did some thing wrong my heart will not be at rest
    but this messages am sending making me feels am doing some thing right
    please if you are mad at me,find it in your heart to forgive me
    because I have never done any wrong,so has to broke the law before
    am doing the right thing,please joint hands and regain my freedom
    and end my struggle,see me has your own,don’t judge me like animals or my brothers and sisters keeper,I love you all
    am waiting for your coming
    am patient for your assistance
    during in the morning when I sent my messages
    police always run at night to arrest me
    who is sending them,if you come to where am living without
    notification any thing happen to you is not my fault.
    don’t make me do some thing I will ever leave to regret
    are they mayor’s or delegate in meme division
    I pray for adoration blessing for the reunification day in buea.
    conciliation in to my situation by given me a helping hands
    do this to end my struggle,GOD bless Africa,GOD bless Cameroon.and blessed shall we stay on earth,GOD bless the world.
    where is the senior state council,
    all the divisional officials are also hiding.come out all of you.and
    where is the senior divisional official heading to.
    thanks for your understanding

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