Important Home Rendezvous…

    • New Look Tam Tam Weekend Nightclub(Black And Red Party today at Friedrich str 11,45468,Mülheim; Time: 07:30                                                                                                                                    New Look Tam Tam Weekend Nightclub(Black And Red Party)
      No M.D.V.T
      Entry 10 Euros
    • wednesday  4 april 2012                                                                                                             Eagles World Ministries specially invites you to partake in the life-transforming event THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST CRUSADE… Tagged:IT IS FINISHED.From Wednesday 4th – Sunday 8th April 2012.5:00pm daily.Don’t miss out on this program Designed to effect a REVOLUTION in your life,career,marriage,business,finance and above all your spiritual life.By virtue of the shedding of the Blood of Jesus,we are coming with a Mandate to soak your life with an outpouring of Epikaizo for a supernatural,victorious life,that will cause you to bask in favor and live The Higher fulfilled Life which was written in the volume of the books concerning you.So Where ever you are in the World,Take the next Flight to Bamenda Cameroon.Your WELCOME.Prince M.E.Basang.(Apostle Unto Nations).                                                                        EAGLES WORLD MINISTRIES.BAMENDA CAMEROON.Oppst St Pauls Entrance Mile 3 Nkwen.
    • MACUDA FUND RAISER FOR THE MANKON CULTURAL HALL IN WASHINGTON DC.             MACUDA CALLING.                                                                                                                                Saturday 14 april 2012 at 21:00
    • Wednesday, 5 December 2012 at  02:00                                                                                          See details in the following website
      Write to us by email:
      CONTACT: 237 74 42 75 05

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