Change is Necessary

Vous êtes Invités
Vous êtes invités à la Convention, Dîner et la Soirée de Gala de la Diaspora camerounaise pour le Changement (CAMDIAC) le samedi 26 mai, 2012 à partir de 19 heures jusqu’au lendemain matin.
L’adresse de l’occasion: 6951 Carroll Ave, Takoma Park  MD 20912.
Le programme détaillé sera publié très bientôt.
You are Invited
You are invited to attend the Convention, Dinner and the Gala night of Cameroon Diaspora for Change (CAMDIAC) on Saturday 26Th May, 2012 as from  7 PM till next morning.
The Address of the occasion:  6951 Carroll Ave, Takoma Park  MD 20912.


Detailed program will be published subsequently.


George Tenya

Communication and Media Director.

Cameroon Diaspora for Change (CAMDIAC)




“No matter how long the night will be, the sun will finally rise.
*All the youths of tomorrow shall have freedom”
Lapiro De Mbanga(Cameroon Patriot of the year 2011)
“Those who stand up for justice are always on the right side of history. *The best
offense against lies is the truth. So all we can do is just keep on pushing the truth.
*History is not with those who change constitutions to stay in power. “
Barack Obama
“We owe our children a better future and a better world for the future.
TRUE leaders are those who nurture future leaders not torture leaders of the future.
Greedy addiction to power is nuisance to democratic evolution of the people and nation.
TRUE democratic stability is SMOOTH transition of power not greedy power addiction.
Media diversity is facility for expressions to challenge power greed and power addiction.
Relevant information is important education for evolution of the people and the nation.
George Tenya


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