Littoral Updates



Jean Claude MBWENTCHOU rounds off 2 day working visit in Douala aimed at creating awareness on ways to prevent Juvenile Deliquency and Urban Disorder. After visiting the Mbanga BAKOKO low cost housing project, Minister Mbwentchou toured the low cost housing fair to encourage operators.

Labour and Social Security Minister Gregoire OWONA will pay a working visit in Douala, Thursday to launch the labour week programme at the Bepanda Camtel premises of Douala.

German Experts continue 3 day working session in Douala to check the fortification of wheat flour to promote the Consumption of Iron Fortified Wheat Flour and Correct Iron Deficiency problems. Day 1 focused on ways to produce flour from cassava and sweet potatoes.

Former Ace Striker of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon demands that the Cameroon Football Federation be dissolved because it paints the picture of Cameroon Football Black.

Bringing you more shortly……


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