12:40 Local Time

News is coming in that workers of the Iron Production Company SITRAFER have anew gone on strike.

This protest action is a desperate move to demonstrate discontentment over unpaid salary dues.

Jacques BIMAI, Director General of the Company in a Press Conference, a fortnight ago promised paying their

monthly package days after the strike. Believing in the Boss’ words the loyal and hardworking personnel resumed

service with the hope of having their salary. Unofrtunately for the poor duty conscious labourers, the boss has not

kept to  his words.

Barely hours to the official launch of the Labour week which will be chaired by the Labour and Social Security

Minister, Gregoire OWONA, these people hope that their numerous problems will be looked into.

After all, its a give and take business. SITRAFER needs the workforce for production and the staff deserve their pay

for survival.Otherwise, how are these people suppossed to maintain the upkeep and basic needs of their family?


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