Caroline’s Reflection for you TODAY….


A Rose In Bloom...........

A Rose In Bloom..........

Lovely rose,
Brilliant in bloom,
Beautiful vision
My heart to consume.

Lord Jesus, may I be
As one of these:
Beautiful, fragrant
Your heart to please.

As the soft bud
Emerging from earth,
May I stretch upward
To claim rebirth.

As the petals
Colorful and bright,
May my beauty grow
From Your luminous Light.

As the pattern
Of the petals ‘round,
May I circle about You,
Your love to abound.

As the fragrance of roses
Aromatic and sweet,
May my prayers rise to You
Lovely incense to greet.

As roses intertwine,
One next to another,
May my life bring joy
To sister and brother.

As amidst the beauty
Of the rose is the thorn,
May I recall Your agony,
The bitter Cross borne.

As the bloom withers,
As the petals do fall,
May I remember
Dust we are all.

As the rose petals
With earth become one,
May I recall the promise
Of You, God’s Son.

Eternal life we find
When to ourselves we die;
We become one with You
When flesh we crucify.

Glorious truth
Expressed in the flower;
Over death my Savior
Holds eternal power.

Die with Him I shall
To live with Him too;
He died with love for me 
What else can I but do?

Yes, I live for You, Master:
May I be to You a rose.
Fragrant and sweet,
As my love for You grows.

I recall always You:
Your pain on Calvary;
I envision always You:
Your agony in Gethsemane.

Lovely You are, Master
Loveliest of all;
Deepest of pain You embrace
To save me from the Fall.

As the soft bud, then,
Emerging from earth,
I stretch and embrace
You and Your Rebirth.

Lord Jesus, I vow to be
Ever as one of these:
Beautiful and fragrant
Your heart to please.

You are the loveliest Rose,
Brilliant in bloom,
Your love for me forever
Does my heart consume.


© Caroline Gavin

“I live for You, Jesus:
may I be as a rose – 
fragrant and sweet 
as my love for You grows.”
~ Reflection by Caroline ~


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