Two government Ministers on a fact finding mission



Public Works Minister satisfied with road construction projects / Housing, Minister dissatisfied with the slow pace

Public Works Minister satisfied with road construction projects

Road construction and rehabilitation works in the Littoral, South West, and North West regions are more than half way done.

The observation was made by Public Works Minister, Patrice Amba Salla, following a four day inspection tour in the three regions.

Despite the 60% realization rate Mr Amba Salla pressed for more commitment from the engineers.

Housing, Minister dissatisfied with the slow pace

Housing and Urban Development, Minister Jean Claude Mbwentchou says he shall cancel contracts and blacklist some contractors who do not respect prescribed deadlines.

His threat was directed to contractors involved in the low-cost housing project of Mbanga -Bakoko in Douala.

The Minister indicated that in most cases, the execution rate is not even 50 percent. Contractors indicate irregular payments amonst other impediments have slow down the pace of work.

Cameroon and India have began a new partnership / Commonwealth forum organised in Yaounde



Cameroon and India have began a new partnership

The two country recently discussed ways of strengthening land and naval defence co-operation.

This was during the seventh indian international defence exhibition in New Delhi. During the arms trade talks discussions, the two countries were represented by their respective Ministers of Defence.

The A.K Antony for India and Cameroon’s Minister Delegate in-charge of Defence Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o..

Commonwealth forum organised in Yaounde

A Commonwealth forum has been organised to outline some of the achievements of the organization in Cameroon.

The forum took place in Bamenda in the North West Region.

During the encounter, the Gentle Man’s club was credited for a number of gains including a harmonized criminal procedure code, judiciary reform and over a thousand scholarships awarded to Cameroonians.

These were just some of the accomplishments of the commonwealth in the past 17 years when Cameroon became a member of the commonwealth in 1995.




The recent arrest of two former top government personalities on the 16th of April 2012 has triggered mixed reactions from segments of the population in Cameroon and abroad.

The Deputy Director of the Civil Cabinet at the Presidency of the Republic, Joseph Le in an editorial published in the National News daily Cameroon Tribune, sets the record straight.

He details three arguments to proof that the arrests were just a continuation of President Paul Biya’s determination to clean up the house.

1. No one is above the law; President Paul Biya said it time and again. The arrest of these former personalities attests to the assertion. It is also an indication that no one can commit offences in total impunity.

2. Accusations that sanctioned the arrests are tangible and verifiable facts.

3. The operation is being carried by the judiciary which is endowed with specific tasks; one being the fight against corruption.

All these arguments put forth by the Deputy Director of the Civil Cabinet is to illustrate the fact that the present fight against corruption is just a continuation of President Paul Biya’s policy of rigor and moralization embarked on when he became president in 1982.

He also reminds us that, the President on several occasions within the past six months kept warning that the fight against corruption will continue and shall be intensified. Joseph Le says the President is now making good on his promise.

Ephrain Inoni in detention: first encounter with examining judge



He was arrested on the 16th of April 2012. For the first time in nine days, the former Prime Minister, Head of Government, Ephraim Inoni answers questions from the examining judge, Pascal Magnaguémabé.

A mini-bus with inscriptions, “Prison Centrale de Yaounde” whisked-off the former head of government from the prison premises this 24th of April to the Mfoundi High Court in Yaounde.

The operation was done in all discretion but security forces were put on high alert around the court yard.

He spent the most part of the day but at the end of the exercise, nothing filtered out of the encounter with the judge.

Mr Ephraim Inoni’s co-detainee Marafa Hamidou Yaya stayed in prison. According to reports from a local publication, Mutation , the former Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic who became Minister of State, Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization is expressing doubt about the impartiality of the examining judge , Pascal Magnaguémabé .

He had earlier requested, in accordance with the penal code, that another judge be appointed to examine his case

Tension in the SW



As I write security forces notably elements of GMI in Buea are dispersing GTHS Ombe students with tear gas.

The students had mounted barricades on the road, paralysing circulation between Mutengene and Limbe. The students went on the rampage after a vehicle killed a student infront of the school campus this morning.

Concordent witnesses are saying the students are furious because one other student was killed last week under similar circumstances.



World Malaria Day 2012 date – Wednesday, April 25

Malaria affects nearly 500 million people every year and is fatal for nearly a million people, more so in the Sub-Saharan, African and the developing countries.

World Malaria Day, to be held on 25th April of each year, was propagated by the World Health Assembly at its 60th session in 2007, to encourage and recognize the world wide effort to combat Malaria. The World Malaria Day is also an occasion for:

Countries in the affected regions to share and learn from each other’s experience in tackling the epidemic of Malaria.

An opportunity for new participants to join the fight against Malaria.

To give a boost to research and scientific organizations to work towards better management of malaria.

To create awareness of the successful efforts and to find ways to improve these efforts.

World Malaria Day Themes

World Malaria Day 2012 theme – “_________”

World Malaria Day 2011 theme – “Achieving progress and impact”

World Malaria Day 2010 theme – “Counting malaria out”

World Malaria Day 2009 theme – “Counting malaria out”

World Malaria Day 2008 theme – “Malaria – a disease without borders”
World Malaria Day

The theme of the first World Malaria Day was ‘Malaria-A Disease without Borders’

The second World Malaria Day saw the beginning of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership

The third World Malaria Day, showcases the continuing campaign of ‘Roll Back Malaria Partnership’ of ‘Counting Malaria Out’ by accelerating efforts to reach the goals set by the ‘Global Malaria Action Plan’.

The campaign includes universal Malaria Net coverage for populations at risk, thereby reducing new cases of Malaria and Malaria deaths by half. The SAM BED NET is a portable anti malarial net that can be set up anywhere. The campaign also includes helping endemic countries ability to control malaria, to promote new initiatives and remedies to control malaria.

The fourth World Malaria Day recognizes the efforts of various organizations working globally to combat malaria; the theme of the fourth World Malaria Day is Achieving Progress and Impact- marks a renewed effort to achieve the goal of no malaria deaths by 2015.

An important addition to the fourth World Malaria Day is linked to the Millennium Development Goals, of not only reducing the impact of malaria but also to realize the rights of women and children to good health care, access to education and reduction of poverty.

The events to be scheduled for this year’s World Malaria Day are a demonstration of the anti malarial nets, easy testing and distribution of anti malarial drugs, a seminar on progress made while combating malaria, the inclusion of African footballers in the campaign to combat malaria, a seminar on alternative to DDT to control malaria and a dissemination of research and medicinal progress to combat malaria

The efforts unleashed on The World Maria Day have seen a definite impact in reducing Malaria, Rwanda has seen a 45% decline in malaria cases, Zambia a50% reduction in malaria, Cambodia 50% and Eritrea a massive 80% decline I malaria.




Vous invite au lancement des activités de :


Jeudi 3 mai // 11h00

A l’occasion de « l’année internationale de l’accès à l’énergie durable pour tous », l’Institut français du Cameroun organise une série d’activités en 2012 : films, conférences-débats, jeux-concours, visites de terrain de certaines entreprises, expositions…

L’année internationale de l’accès à l’énergie durable pour tous est l’occasion de faire le point et de communiquer sur le développement des énergies renouvelables. Le réchauffement climatique et les négociations internationales animées chaque année depuis le sommet de Rio en 1992 amènent tous les pays à s’engager dans des mesures concrètes de réduction des émissions de gaz à effet de serre et donc à trouver des alternatives aux énergies fossiles et à la déforestation. Cet enjeu suscite au Cameroun un intérêt réel, tant ce pays jouit d’un potentiel considérable en énergies renouvelables, comme l’hydroélectricité, l’énergie solaire, la biomasse…

Cette cérémonie de lancement sera l’occasion de présenter le projet « Jeunes énergies propres », conçu sur proposition de l’Ambassade de France et mis en œuvre par l’Institut français du Cameroun et les associations AVD et MIEUX-ETRE, en partenariat avec l’université de Douala, la Radio Environnement et l’ONG Good Planet. Son objectif est de susciter des questionnements individuels sur les façons de faciliter l’appropriation et l’adaptation des énergies alternatives. Cette initiative vise à assurer l’interface entre le monde de la recherche et le grand public et contribue donc à promouvoir largement la culture scientifique. Elle comprend un concours de création d’affiches par des scolaires, des animations dans plusieurs collèges et lycées de Douala et Yaoundé, des visites de terrain, au sein d’entreprises ou d’instituts de recherche, et des tables rondes.

Lieu : Salle de spectacle de l’IFC-Douala

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