BIYA joins other heads of States in the Brazzaville CEMAC summit



Deliberations Wednesday will address crucial points such as the biometric passport for CEMAC , the need to harmonise the Douala – Libreville Stock Exchanges, The AIR CEMAC problem and of course the free movement of peoples and goods in the sub region.

The different Heads of States and government of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community will during this brainstorming seek ways to further strengthen the Integration Agenda of the Sub region.

Holding  31 Months after the 10th Bangui Summit, during which reforms within the Institution were adopted, the 11th Summit is expected to delve into modalities of making the reforms workable.




More on this Summit Minutes to Come.
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CEMAC : Paul BIYA au 11ème Sommet des Chefs d’Etat à Brazzaville…


24/07/2012A l’invitation de S.E.M. Denis SASSOU NGUESSO, Président de la République du Congo, Son Excellence Monsieur Paul BIYA, Président de la République du Cameroun, a quitté Yaoundé .ce mardi, 24 juillet 2012 en fin de matinée, à destination de Brazzaville, pour prendre part à la 11ème Session de la Conférence des Chefs d’Etat de la CEMAC.

Le Chef de l’Etat est accompagné dans son déplacement de la suite officielle ci-après :

MM – Martin BELINGA EBOUTOU, Directeur du Cabinet Civil de la Présidence de la République.

–          Séraphin Magloire FOUDA, Ministre, Secrétaire Général Adjoint de la Présidence de la République ;

–          Robert NKILI, Ministre des Transports ;

–          ARREY Victor MENGOT-NKONGHO, Ministre Chargé de Mission à la Présidence de la République ;

–          Emmanuel NGANOU NDJOUMESSI, Ministre de l’Economie, de la Planification et de l’Aménagement du territoire ;

–          OUSMANE ALAMINE MEY, Ministre des Finances ;

–          Contre-amiral Joseph FOUDA, Conseiller Spécial du Président de la République ;

–          KOMIDOR NJIMOLUH, Ambassadeur du Cameroun en République du Congo ;

–          Simon Pierre BIKELE, Chef du Protocole d’Etat.

mis en ligne par Pierre EVEMBE.



18 Month Old baby raped in Dibombari


Little Agnes NJOWE was found Sunday Morning, July 01st 2012, with a damaged anus at the backyard of a 72 year old man, considered the primary suspect of the atrocious act.

She disappeared 24 hours before, after an aged man collected her from her brothers, on their way home, claiming he was going to feed her.

‘The man took Njowe on our way home from our aunt’s place, to feed her. We were going back home because we felt lonely at our aunt’s place, after our mum left us there, for the market to sell some fish’ 7 year old Emmanuel NGOGANG, the elder brother of the victim, testified

When I asked if he could recognise the man.

Emmanuel said all he could remember was that, the man was dressed in black and went the opposite direction, and they never saw Njowe, until the newt day.

The Little girl is lying helpless in a Douala based Bonassama District hospital pending 3 surgical interventions. The parents are poor and helpless people who can barely put food on the table for the family.

Talking to Doctor Fogaing Dupleix the gynaecologist and paediatrician who has been in charge of the 18 Month rape case to know the girl’s chances of surviving the ordeal which befell her; The Doctor said 3 important surgical operations must be carried out on Little Njowe, if she must survive.

And while the parents of the little girl gnash their teeth in pain and misery over the fate of their daughter’s survival, the rapist is straying the streets somewhere in Dibombari, with no guilt on the damage caused.

Please react to this by texting your reactions through this number 75 38 53 08 on a specialedition of ‘Voice of the Voiceless’ with Amy BANDA, Saturday at 3pm exclusive on Stv, to discuss issues on rape. you may also air out you views, grievances, and suggestions on ways to curb rape, through the email address Remember, On Voice of the Voiceless; Your Voice Counts!

National tidbits : Bone trauma treatment to all; A challenge / Experts focus on better auditing techniques …




Bone trauma treatment to all; a challenge / Experts focus on better auditing technics / Cameroon invites more foreign investors / Cameroon Europe celebrates friendship days

1.   Bone trauma treatment to all; A challenge

African orthopedics have met in Yaounde for their 10th biannual congress. The meeting focused on solutions to the increasing number of trauma cases caused by accidents.

The encounter coincided with the first congress of the Cameroon society of orthopedists and traumatologists.

The stake amongst others was to increase access to treatment for patients with bone trauma.

2.   Experts focus on better auditing techniques

African experts from audit institutions have met in Yaounde to seek ways of developing new techniques on environmental auditing.

The association’s meeting was presided over by Cameroon’s Supreme State Control Minister, Henri Eyebe Ayissi.

3.   Cameroon invites more foreign investors

 Cameroon will soon have a new national strategy for the promotion of investments.

The Minister of Industries, Mines and Technological Development, Emmanuel Mbonde launched a study to this effect.

The study has been intimidated to lure more foreign investments to Cameroon.

4.   Cameroon Europe celebrates friendship days

Activities to mark the 9th edition of the Cameroon Europe friendship days are ongoing in Yaoundé.

The events of the celebration are being organized around the theme «management and governance of natural resource areas, a fundamental problem in the central African sub region”.

The launching ceremony was precided over by the Minister Delegate in charge of the commonwealth, Dr Joseph Dion Ngute in the presence of the European Diplomatic Corps and some members of government.

Quatre textes adoptés au cours de la session à l’Assemblée Nationale



La session a pris fin mercredi après midi après l’adoption des modifications de la loi sur le Tribunal criminel spécial

L’histoire retiendra de la deuxième session ordinaire de l’Assemblée Nationale l’adoption de quatre projets de loi. Fait important de cette session, la modification de la loi portant création du Tribunal Criminel Spécial. Le gouvernement a étendu l’opportunité de la libération après remboursement du corps du délit à tous les justiciables visés par les affaires d’atteinte aux biens publics. Une chambre spéciale est prévu au sein de la Cour Suprême pour statuer sur les cas en appel. Les trois autres textes adoptés visent la ratification des accords commerciaux signés avec des gouvernements des pays amis.

En début de session les députés du Social Démocratic Front n’ont pas pu faire passer leur projet de création d’une commission d’enquète parlementaire sur l’affaire du crash du Boieng 737 de la Camair en 1995. La majorité a rejeté cette initiative lors de son examen en commission. Deux séances de questions orales aux membres du gouvernement ont été organisés, donnant l’occasion de démentir les informations sur la mauvaise santé de la compagnie aérienne nationale Camair-Co. Les députés ont pris part à un nombre important de séminaires.

Insurance companies ask for more/ Genetically modified seeds a controversy



1. Insurance companies ask for more

The Minister of Finance Alamine Ousman Mey has held discussions with members of the association of insurance companies in Cameroon.

As a response to the cataloque of difficulties presented during the meeting, the Minister indicated that government will provide the necessary assistance to insurance companies to assist them achieve desired results.

2. Genetically modified seeds a controversy

Proponents of the use of the controversial genetically modified seeds have met in Douala to strategies on ways of fighting food shortage in Africa.

Despite concerns about the use of genetically modified seeds on the biodiversity and human health, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Essimi Menye indicated that with professional consciousness, the risks attached to the use of these seeds can be minimized.