Dear colleagues,
> This might be of interest to those of you with connections to journalists
> working for print or audio media in Africa. It’s on the topic of how
> political, social and other factors affect how African governments invest in
> agriculture. See email below.  The deadline is 8 Feb 2013. Main link:
> The competition is only open to Africa-based journalists but we are looking
> to spread the word as widely as possible within that region.
> About the competition
> The Future Agricultures Consortium (FAC) has launched a competition for
> journalists/media specialists on the political economy of agricultural
> policy in Africa. The competition will address three key themes:
> *         Investing in agriculture: With agriculture the backbone of the
> African economy, why is it that African governments do not invest more in
> agriculture for the benefit of their economies? What are the political
> pressures leading African governments to increase investment in agricultural
> development? Do these favour smallholder agriculture or large-scale farming,
> food staples or export crops, state-led or private sector-led models,
> investment in public goods or transfers (such as subsidies)?
> *         Influencing policy – the role of civil society: How can a civil
> society organisation have an influence on agricultural policy making?
> *         BRICS investment in Africa: How are investments from China and
> Brazil and other ‘rising powers’ having an impact on African agriculture?
> And what impact will they have in the future?
> The entry deadline is 8 February 2013 and the winners will be supported to
> attend FAC’s international conference on the  Political Economy of
> Agricultural Policy in
> Africa<>
> to be held March 18-20, 2013 in Pretoria, South Africa.
> Help us bring this announcement to the attention of potential candidates by
> circulating it widely amongst your networks.
> About the conference: The FAC 2013 international conference will focus on
> Political Economy of Agricultural Policy in
> Africa<>
> and is co-hosted by the Institute of Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies
> (PLAAS). The conference organising committee include Colin Poulton,
> Blessings Chinsinga, Ian Scoones, Kassahun Berhanu, Augustin Loada  and
> Gaynor Paradza.
> Media competition link:



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