HRM Fon Kevin Shomitang II has expressed much gratitude to the people of Mbaw Yakum for the steady support they have given him since he acceded to the throne in 2009. In a first-ever end of year message by any Mbaw Yakum monarch, Fon Shomitang II today enjoined the people through a full assembly of the Traditional Council and curious onlookers to consolidate and uphold their spirit of patriotism and loyalty so as to forge ahead via good citizenship to move the homeland forward.

The full text in English of the Fon’s message now follows:









                                            29th December, 2012

Royal End of Year Message

My Dear People,

I hope that you did enjoy the 2012 Christmas holiday. As I have got used to doing during other religious feasts, I joined the Christians to celebrate and thank God for the coming of Jesus Christ to save mankind. That has been my way to demonstrate my belief that God is the firm foundation for my reign which I hope and pray goes successful with your honest support.

Support, you have given me bountifully since Saturday (Vi-Nuii) 18th September 2009 when the Supreme Traditional Regulatory Authority, Kweifuongh, presented me to you in the Bambalang Palace Plaza as their new son, monarch of Mbaw Yakum. In the face of all challenges, you have stood by me. Among them, let me cite the funeral of Fon Fosi Yakum Ntaw II; my learning process, the March 2011 unfortunate invasion and wanton destruction by Balikumbat war-hungry neighbours; the attacks by bandits of the Mbaw-Yakum palaces; maiden royal contact tour; the presidential election of 9th October 2011; March 2012 Funeral of Fon of Bafanji; the 1st April 2012 election of MYDCA national executive bureau by list system; hosting of meetings of the North West Fons’ Union, NOWEFU; the 2012 storm that hit Llungweh; the fundraising campaign for the multi-purpose community complex; and the GHS Bambalang Lab improvement project.

By your individual and collective actions in those trying moments, you have given meaning to our sense of being one people with one destiny. I here heartily thank you all for demonstrating a new dynamism, new hope and faith in Mbaw Yakum. Your performances at home, elsewhere in Cameroon and abroad have been steadfast and outstanding.

Within the three years I have been on the throne, and thanks to your sincere support, patriotism and loyalty mentioned earlier which gained for us a win-win partnership with government, we now have electricity, access to some good water, an excellent earth road, more government nursery, primary and secondary schools with some classrooms constructed or under construction, more and upgraded health establishments by government and the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Board, and a police post! Surely, more is on the way. That is why, ahead of next year’s local elections, I strongly urge you to quickly do the biometric registration so that when the time comes, we can together again reaffirm in clear terms our commitment to the mutually beneficial partnership we enjoy with the government.

As regards the Mbaw Yakum Development and Cultural Association, MYDCA, you supported me by electing by list system a new national leadership on 1st April 2012. Since then, MYDCA seems to have been faring fairly better than before. Still, we can do better. And we must do better. I call on all MYDCA structures in crises to peacefully settle their differences for general interest to prevail. In so doing, we must remember that even identical twins are never the same, but they can and must always make compromises to find consensus when family interest is at stake. In this regard, I shall not toy with your right to hold to account those you chose to manage at any level the association which should regularly use as blue-print the Royal Development Strategy I proposed to you.

In line with cultural reforms by the Mbaw Yakum Supreme Traditional Regulatory Authority, Kweifuongh, I was in Bafanji in March 2012 for the funeral of their Fon. For the first time too, Kweifuongh caused me to announce recently at nearly two months ahead of schedule, the 80th Sha’atang to run from Sunday (Vi-Nkwah) 20th January 2013, under the theme GROWING AND PRESERVING OUR CULTURE IN A CHANGING GLOBAL COMMUNITY. Thus,  Kweifuongh shows their awareness and sensitivity to the exigencies of modern and global realities without losing the resolve to keep safe our cultural identity. After the encouraging experience early this year, the cultural festival that Sha’atang is shall include a trade fair with a touch of tourism to make it more attractive than in the past. You are all welcome to participate.

In conclusion, let us continue to make individual and collective contributions toward the growth and development of our homeland. This challenge requires each one of us to remain hardworking, God-fearing, patriotic, law-abiding, loyal and selfless. For my part, I will stay awake and alert so that together, we transform Mbaw Yakum into a modern and comfortable Fondom for us all. That is my vision. I believe that it is our vision.

 May God grant us all good health and the goodwill to use the wealth of human, material and other resources at our disposal and grip, to consolidate our envied position of a people of high probity and integrity throughout the New Year 2013.

May God bless you, your families and loved ones.

God bless Mbaw Yakum.


The Fon of Mbaw Yakum,

 (Signed &Sealed)

HRM Fon Kevin Shomitang II



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