Congolese envoy brings message to Unity Palace


Congolese envoy brings message to Unity Palace

The Head of State His Excellency Paul BIYA granted audience on 21 December 2012 to the Congolese Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Mr. Basile IKOUEBE, who had a sealed parcel from President Denis SASSOU NGUESSO to the President of the Republic



After the audience that started at 12 noon and lasted over thirty minutes, Mr. Basile IKOUEBE told the press that he came hand over the message from the friend and brother of President Paul BIYA, and that they also made a review of the cooperation ties between the two countries.

The Congolese Minister recalled that the audience came on the heels of the seventh session of the Cameroon-Congo Joint Commission which held in Yaoundé, following the last one that held in Brazzaville in 2009. To bolster cooperation between the two countries, the two Heads of State directed the two parties to sign 11 cooperation agreements, 8 of which have already been signed and the remaining three will soon be signed.

Mr. IKOUEBE then enumerated projects which are being carried out or will soon be implemented to make concrete the solid relations between the two countries:

– An inter-state university that will have campuses in Ouesso in Congo and Sangmelima in Cameroon;
– Optic fibre connection between the two countries;
– A hydro-electricity that will straddle the two countries;
– The mining of iron ore and other minerals across the two countries;
– The on-going construction of the road to link Ouesso and Sangmelima.



Yaounde, 21-12-2012          


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