Yaoundé Gynaeco-obstetric improves health care facilities


Yaoundé Gynaeco-obstetric hospital adopts three year programme


Board members of the Gynecology-Obstetric and Pediatric Hospital, Yaoundé have elaborated a three-year programme intended to improve the quality of health services offered by the institution.

The second ordinary session was presided over by the board chair of the institution Charles Sale.

In order to meet the needs of the population, members agreed to lay emphasis on the acquisition of adequate equipment and suitable infrastructure in 2013.

On the occasion, the session congratulated the Director of the hospital Prof. Fru Angwafor III and his personnel for improving on the standards of the hospital.

The session also resolved to award special benefits and review the status of the personnel.

In another development, Medical and para-medical staff working in hospitals along the country’s most accident prone highways received capacity building techniques on how to provide life-saving aid to road accident victims.

Public Health Minister Andre Mama Fouda encouraged the medical staff in attendance to take full advantage of the life saving training.


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