SDF Chairman expresses discontent over President Biya’s December 31 Address


SDF Chairman reacts to President Biya’s address


The chairman of the main opposition party in Cameroon, the Social Democratic Front, Ni John Fru Ndi listened with keen interest to the end of year address of President Paul Biya to the nation.

Reacting after the address, the SDF chairman said the speech did not address specific needs of the population.

To him, President Paul Biya’s constant allusion to the fight against the embezzlement of public funds has not been materialised by effective measures.

Secondly, the project for the construction of the Menchum Hydro electric dam announced during the 50th anniversary of the Defence Forces in Bamenda has been forgotten.

On agriculture, Fru Ndi expressed discontent with the fact that at a time when the President talks of second generation agriculture, there has been a price hike in manure products and access to land ownership is restricted especially to the youth.

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