Job: Center for Universal Education, Brookings, Global Scholars Program Research and Recruitment Advisor


Job: Center for Universal Education, Brookings, Global Scholars Program Research and Recruitment Advisor

Job Posting with Center for Universal Education (CUE)

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Global Scholars Program Research and Recruitment Advisor
Center for Universal Education (CUE)
Washington D.C.
(1) Oversee recruitment to the Global Scholars Program, including revisiting the current recruitment process and conducting interviews; (2) Work with applicants during their candidacy to further develop their research proposals; (3) Work with each of three selected Global Scholars on their research while in-residence, including developing detailed timelines and guidelines and providing in-depth content editing; (4) Work with Global Scholars Program manager to ensure that each of the Global Scholars makes meaningful connections with Brookings staff and beyond during their stay, and that Scholars are fully leveraging networking opportunities; (5) As appropriate, help scholars to leverage their proposals to gain traction with potential partners; (6) Help build communications with the Global Scholars alumni network, including leveraging the network for future recruitment; (7) and (8) Work as a thought partner with the Global Scholars Program Manager and CUE team to continually improve the program.
As part of the Global Economy and Development program at the Brookings Institution, the Center for Universal Education (CUE) develops and disseminates effective solutions to the challenges of achieving universal quality education worldwide. It offers a forum for research, high-level dialogue, and public debate on a range of issues relevant to education in the developing world. Through our Global Scholars Program, CUE hosts guest scholars from developing countries for a four to six month period to pursue research on global education issues, with a specific focus on improving learning opportunities and outcomes for girls. Upon completion of their research, CUE supports the guest scholars in developing and implementing a plan to share their expertise with their home institutions to further build research capacity and expertise.


• Work with the program manager and associate director to review the recruitment process.
• Review the state of girls’ education research in order to set the scope for proposals from developing country contexts that have the potential to inform regional or international conversations.
• Review and update a rigorous and cost-effective recruitment process that leverages Brookings’ ample partnerships.
• During the process of recruitment, ensure that candidates’ proposals improve, and ensure that candidates are able to work in a collegial fashion.
• Ensure that candidates are strong, independent, conceptual thinkers with a proven record of designing and conducting rigorous research.
• Select projects that are important, feasible within the structure of the Global Scholars program, and likely to have policy impact.
• Ensure that candidates possess all of the qualities and values that are essential to the Global Scholars program, including but not limited to: commitment to girls’ education, proven track record of leadership and impact, grit, ability to leverage resources, generosity, and ability to integrate and be a part of a team.
• Convene colleagues and determine final award recipients and alternates.
• Notify candidates of final awards.

• After awards have been made, work with candidates to consider any data or resources that they may need to collect prior to coming to the US and encourage the further development of their proposals before arrival where possible.
• Develop a timeline and method for guiding Global Scholars, including that Global Scholars are generally expected to produce a final paper and presentation, and will be expected to produce detailed outlines at a midpoint during their stay.
• Provide Global Scholars with resources that are relevant to their research areas as appropriate, whether related to methodology or literature.
• Ensure that Global Scholars are effectively meeting with and networking with other Fellows at Brookings and having meaningful conversations about their own research and others research to enrich the development of their ideas and they progress through their time in residence.
• Work with the program manager to ensure that Global Scholars hold brown bag lunches or use other forum that are appropriately tailored to their needs for discussion and feedback on their work.
• Work with Global Scholars to elaborate proposals for seed funding to implement the research or implementation plan that they scope out while they are in residence, and where possible to write any more detailed proposals that they may endeavor to write while in residence.
• Where further professional development is needed in terms of research or other areas that are related, make recommendations to Program Manager.

• Based on understanding of each Global Scholars niche area of research, make introductions to interested parties in the community, where possibly accompanying Global Scholars to meetings and helping them to think through how to leverage new relationships.
• When attending events, represent the Global Scholars program.

• Routinely collect information, both through formal and informal mechanisms, on the Global Scholars’ experiences, and share these findings with the Program Manager for the purpose of continually improving the program.



• Master’s degree required, PhD strongly preferred.
• Strong understanding of a range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies required.
• Expertise in international education required, expertise in girls’ education strongly preferred.
• Experience in editing and publishing, especially with ESL authors, preferred.
• Experience in recruiting and hiring for talent (in a fellowship or other professional settings) a plus.

• Patience and openness to different approaches, interest and ability to work with diverse individuals.
• Cooperative attitude and flexibility, with the ability to work as part of a team.
• Tireless drive to advocate for girls’ education issues on behalf of the Global Scholars.
• Solid organizational skills applied to research – The scholars are subject to publishing deadlines and so will benefit greatly from iterative guidelines set forth in advance.
• Desire to learn and continually improve practice, both by shared reflection of this pilot and from studying useful other models.

The Research and Recruitment Advisor will work over the course of two years, beginning in January or as soon as the position is filled: Recruitment will be conducted on a rolling basis with the aim to fill this position as soon as possible.
Please send expressions of interest to Jenny Alexander at jalexander(at) 
1 February 2013



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