Job: Service Nation, Director of Online Engagement, DC


ServiceNation Background
ServiceNation seeks to rebuild an ethic of service in America through universal national service.   We are working towards the day when a year in a national service program like AmeriCorps is a common expectation for Americans, and when national service is universally accepted as a strategy for putting people to work, for tackling pressing social challenges, and for uniting Americans in common purpose.

If every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans – and eventually millions –dedicate a term of service as tutors, mentors, teachers, disaster responders, and more, we believe that America will be transformed into a nation of engaged and connected citizens, with a sense of shared identity and common purpose.

ServiceNation was founded on this ideal in 2007, and brought together a coalition of nearly 300 organizations to host a summit with presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain in 2008.  The ServiceNation coalition and summit played a pivotal role in driving passage of the Serve America Act, the most significant national service legislation in 75 years.  This act promised a host of important policies, including the expansion of AmeriCorps from 75,000 annual members to 250,000 by 2017.  Since then, however, the promise embodied by that legislation has not be fulfilled.  AmeriCorps is barely bigger today than it was four years ago.

ServiceNation is not only committed to getting the Serve America Act back on track, but to establishing other ways for Americans to serve.  To make this happen, we need to generate public will and hold our leaders accountable.  To that end, we are building a permanent, powerful, and continuously growing constituency, using field organizers, volunteers, an online army that is over 140,000 strong, a coalition of more than 350 organizations, and a Leadership Council of influential Americans working to make national service an enduring national priority.

ServiceNation is a campaign of Be The Change, Inc.

Position Overview and Responsibilities
This is a new role at ServiceNation at an exciting time for the organization.   We are looking for someone take our online engagement to the next level as well as bring lots of new ideas – with execution – to the organization.  We are also looking for someone who is excited about the position’s wide range of responsibilities.

The Director of Online Engagement will:

  • Manage long-term strategy and day-to-day implementation of email, social media, and website
  • Work with field operations to engage, grow, and activate supporters through online campaigns, graphics, newsletters, and more
  • Work with field operations to develop online strategy and implementation plan for advocating members of Congress and the President
  • Oversee a complete overhaul of into a top-notch website with compelling stories, graphics, resources, and ways to take action
  • Lead our email program which includes managing the ServiceNation email calendar, drafting emails, working with appropriate staff to edit, targeting, testing, and overseeing the execution of delivery
  • Work with external partners (including on a major new campaign that will leverage Hollywood, media, and online engagement) and represent ServiceNation at conferences, events, and meetings
  • Work with fundraising staff to create and implement online fundraising campaigns
  • Produce regular analytics reports to organizational staff on the performance of website, email program, and social media
  • Manage in house graphic designer and relationship with relevant vendors
  • Use analytics/data to constantly improve performance across online communications

Candidate Profile
The Director of Online Engagement will be extremely creative, hardworking, and an outstanding writer.  As a new position in an ambitious organization, there is a ton of opportunity to shape ServiceNation’s digital strategy and campaigns, and we are looking for someone as excited about that as we are about the work ahead.


  • Passionate about the mission and vision of ServiceNation
  • 4+ years of proven, applicable experience
  • Results-oriented, ambitious, creative, and deadline driven
  • Up to date on best practices and proven experience managing the following: social media, website design, online campaigns/advocacy, list building, email writing, analytics, and more
  • Outstanding writer across online mediums with the ability to boil down lots of ideas into powerful content for website, emails, social media, graphics, and more
  • Experience with advocacy, Capitol Hill, and/or political campaigns
  • Substantial experience with CRM/CMS; Blue State Digital highly preferred
  • Nice but not necessary experience: helped design collateral and worked with graphic designers; online ads; Salesforce; managing others to meet goals

Salary and Benefits
Competitive salary commensurate with experience level.  Full benefit package offered (health and dental, retirement, vacation).

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    • Thanks Fredericka,
      You know, it is an opportunity for someone with the job description needs to grab and exercise his functions for development, self reliance and properly fight unemployment, poverty and misery rocking the earth in the heart of the excruciating crises. That is my inspiration. Let others know about the blog so they can also grab the chance that any offer gives them.

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