The prospects for political transitions, human rights, corruption, and reconciliation with the Taliban.


The prospects for political transitions, human rights, corruption, and reconciliation with the Taliban.

The forty second edition of “Truth” newsletter is published as usual with the most important topics published in the Kabul print media outlets in the areas of prospects for political transitions, human rights, corruption, and reconciliation with the Taliban. 
Our colleagues at the Truth newsletter group have made effort to collect the most important issues reflected in the print media in Kabul in four main categories and provide an analysis for each category respectively. 
In contrast to previous editions, in forty second edition, most of the topics during the month published and discussed in the media included the events in the areas of reconciliation with the Taliban and incidents of human rights violations.   
Prospects of Political Transition: The topics in this section include: remarks by President Karzai regarding future of Afghanistan; concerns expressed by the government political opposition regarding upcoming presidential election; the draft law of the election and reaction against the modification; the Afghan foreign ministry asking Islamabad to put into practice its commitment regarding the country; President Karzai’s remarks regarding security agreement to be signed between Afghanistan and the US; the dissolution of the Election Complaint Commission and subsequent criticism of the government opposition about the measure; efforts underway to compile the doctrine for the foreign policy of Afghanistan by the ministry of foreign ministry; the US Secretary of Defense’s visit to Kabul, and Karzai’s upcoming visit from Washington, were the most important issues in the areas of prospects for political transition during the month reflected in the Kabul print media.
Reconciliation: Criticism by a number of media organizations over the peace process and joint meeting of government representatives, Taliban and Northern Alliance members in Paris France; ISAF’s statement regarding armed men ready to join the reintegration process, suicide attack on Assadullah Khalid and its effects on the peace process, media newspapers  calling the peace process as being symbolic, optimism regarding peace meeting in Paris for speeding up the peace process, remarks by the US Secretary of Defense regarding the danger posed by rebels in Pakistan toward Afghanistan, and Pakistan being concerned about formation of an inter-Afghan coalition for the peace efforts, were among the most important news in the during the month in the areas of reconciliation reflected in the Kabul print media. 
Human Rights: Increasing concerns over deterioration of conditions of children in the country; recent increase in the number of violence against women; Parliament asking for the trial of women’s rights violators; execution of criminals approved by President Karzai; call for no immunity for the Taliban joining the peace process; the Attorney General’s warning heavy punishment for violators of women’s rights; sexual assault on a child in the northern part of the country; murder and suicide of several girls in the provinces; criticism by the Ulema’s over the way fight against violation of human rights take place; call from the Media Watch organization for release of an investigation result on the killing of journalists and concerns express by UN over lack of investigation over cases concerning violence against women. These are the most important issues reflected in the human rights area during the month in Kabul’s print media. 
Corruption: Concerns over rise in opium cultivation in some provinces; people complaining from public and private hospitals; statement by former head of Afghan Central Bank about embezzlement in Kabul bank; land grabbers fleeing outside the country and statement by the Attorney General’s office regarding the issue; concerns over the situation police and the interior affairs minister’s statement about lack of national police; increasing administrative corruption in the government and non-government departments and its impacts on the lives of children; protest in Kabul and Bamiyan in regard with corruption; criticism by the High Office of Anti-Corruption over lack of investigation on cases of corruption involving senior government officials; concerns of UN from the lack of investigation of cases involving women’s rights  in the justice system, and finally remarks by British Ambassador in Kabul regarding financial corruption in the international community organizations’ were the important topics discussed in the during the month in the areas of corruption and lack of transparency in Kabul’s print media.…

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