Guide to Posting Material on the Peace and Collaborative Development Network


Guide to Posting Material on the Peace and Collaborative Development Network

Dear Colleagues,

The Peace and Collaborative Development Network is designed to be a collaborative site to facilitate sharing of professional and academic resources in peacebuilding, international development, human rights, social entrepreneurship and related fields. To post directly to the site you need to be registered which only takes a minute or you can forward relevant postings to info(at) and PCDN can post directly (but ideally, we would like users to post directly).

We also strongly encourage organizations posting (which is free) to explore paid advertising options on PCDN which provide a much greater opportunity to maximize the reach and traffic for a posting. Paid advertisers on PCDN report increases of anywhere between 10%-25% in web traffic and interest in opportunities via their PCDN ads. For more on advertising visit

or contact us as ad(at)

(Special thank to Maha Hilal, PCDN’s Business Development Officer, for improving the PCDN posting guide)

If you do want to post to the site, please start by reviewing the terms of use.

Posting Content:  There are two general areas to post written content, which are the discussions sections and the blogs (we also have sections to post videos and pictures). In general blogs are designed more for think pieces that explore the field, individual thoughts, etc. The types of materials that can be posted to the forums section include job/consultancy openings, fellowship/scholarship opportunities, information about relevant academic programs, training opportunities, conferences, news about new publications (policy and/or academic), questions about new or ongoing research projects, discussion of conflict regions, videos and photos, and more (these categories can all be found under the “forums” tab). Please do not post identical material in more than one location on the site as this is considered a form of spam. For example we only permit items to be posted in one discussion (not across multiple discussions). We also do not permit the same material to be posted more than once.

To post an announcement under the forums section, follow the instructions below:

STEP 1:  Click on FORUMS


STEP 2:  Click on ADD

STEP 3:  Input details in discussion title.  Make sure to provide enough information in the title to enable users to quickly understand the posting. For example include the name of the opportunity, the location, if it is a job, scholarship, grant, publication, etc.  Attachments and supplementary documents can be uploaded if needed in discussion postings (although we strongly encourage users to put as much information directly in the body of the posting as fewer people will open attachments).



Scholarship/Fellowship: Level of Scholarship (MA, Ph.D., Post-Doc, etc.), Name, Location

Career Posting:  Job:  Position Title, Organization Name, Location
Research:  New Publication:  “Name of Publication”, Publishing Organization, Date
Event:  Event:  “Event Name”, Date & Time, Sponsoring Organization


STEP 4: Enter information in body of text

Note:  If you list an e-mail addresses, PCDN suggests users write the address using (at), instead of the @ sign to prevent any potential spam. For example if you include an e-mail address in your posting such as write out the address at steve(at)

STEP 5:  Scroll down towards the end of the screen, then click category (i.e. job, events, scholarships, etc.)

STEP 6:  Input tags (key words that will make finding your posting easier)

For all postings make sure to enter tags (keywords), that help ensure that postings will be displayed with relevant searches. For example, if you were submitting a posting about an article titled “Laughing our Way to Peace or War: Humour and Peacebuilding,” tags might include, peace, war, humour, conflicts.   Each term should be separated by a comma and terms with more than one word, should be entered in quotes.  For example, if I added conflict resolution to the tag list, they would be written as follows:  peace, war, “conflict resolution”, humour, conflicts. 

Step 7: Click on Add Discussion.

HOW TO EDIT/DELETE A POSTING: Once you have posted in any of the sections on the site you can click on the posting, then click on options, then edit discussions and edit (or delete if you want to erase the message). Make the desired changes and click on save.



Tips for other postings (Blogs, Multimedia):

BLOGS: To access Blogs click on Connect and then Blogs. Please note for blog postings the links need to be added using the chain link symbol at the top of the page. To add a link highlight the relevant text, click on the chain link and then place the link (ensure that it starts with http).


Click on “Link” as shown below to enter web address



PHOTOS: To post on MultiMedia, than Photos. Click on add Photos. Photos can be added in bulk, individually or via flicker. For more effective postings enter a brief description of the photo and tags.


VIDEOS: To access videos click on Multimedia and then Videos. To post click on Add Videos. Videos can be added from Youtube, Vimeo and other online video sites or directly uploaded to the site (up to 100 MB). Most videos from other sites can be added by saving the htmt embed code from the video. Then click on multimedia, video and Add Videos from Youtube, Hulu and Vimeo at the Bottom of the Page, and then enter the embed html code and follow the subsequent setps.  Please enter a description and relevant tags.

To add photos or videos individually, click on Multimedia, select photos or videos.  When you are directed to the next page (either photos or video), click on add to post a new entry.

To add photos or videos to a discussion or blog posting, click on the photo or video icon as shown below:


EVENTS:   Events can be posted two ways.  They can be posted under the forums section or the under the connect/events section.  To post under the forums section, follow the instructions above.  Event postings are generally for one-time activities such a conferences, workshops, etc. To improve the effectiveness of event postings add a logo. In general, under the description of the event postings are limited to several thousand characters. Use the Bold, Italic and Link functions to make the text more readable. It is also possible to make an event viewable to all (public) or private (only people invited). There is also a RSVP feature that can be disabled (this allows people to RSVP via th esite) and the guest list can be publicly viewable or not.


STEP 1:  Click on connect and then Events.


  Click on Add


STEP 3:  Enter the event details

STEP 4:  Click Add Event


GROUPS: To create a sub-group on the site click on Connect, Groups and then Add a Group. Enter a short description and if possible an image or logo. Groups can be setup that anyone on the network can join or as moderated (meaning only for approved members).

STEP 1:  Click on Groups under the Connect tab


Step 2:  Click Add

STEP 3:  Enter group information then click on Add Group. 




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