Sha’tang Preparations intensify



After the Sha’atang Committees Sunday (Vi-Mitang) at 12:30 PM in the Mbaw Yakum palace, Bambalang village, Ndop sub-division, North West Region of Cameroon, a set of designed tee shirts were presented for sales.

On the occasion of  80th Sha’atang, these specially designed tee-shirts designed include features such as the theme, the full list of all monarchs of Mbaw Yakum with the pictures of the last four! The historical document will put villagers in direct contact liaison with their cultural heritage and identity; Many attending the meeting confirmed. The Limited stock of the well designed tee-shirts risk running out if Mbaw Yakum occupants do not get their packs ahead of time. The cost of the available tee-shirts range from CFA 1 500 (One Thousand Five Hundred) , 3 000 (Three Thousand) francs for the round necks; and CFA  3 000 (Three Thousand) a piece for the collar neck.People desiring these Sha’tang uniforms may contact Muhnteugeunteuh by email on



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