In an explosive extra-ordinary General Assembly of the South West Farmers Cooperative Union, SOWEFCU, Friday, January 11, 2013, Bernard Betanga, Prince Ndoki Mukete and two other board members, including Metuge and Eyambe, both employees of the union  were shown the door for allegedly embezzling about 500 Million Francs destined for south west poor farmers.

The audit team called in by the supervisory committee of SOWEFCU discovered a complicated scam through which huge sums of money were embezzled by the above persons  through over billing and personal take homes. The President is said to have been  using ordinary staff signatures of the organization to syphone money out of the union coffers without the knowledge of  the appointed General Manager.
The Supervisory committee headed by Barrister IKOSE Daniel had to call for an extra ordinary session which was brutally objected by the clique.
At the end, the Ikose committee had to put in place a caretaker board headed by Esapa Patrick of NGAFCOOP Nguti to man the Union till elections are held sometimes in April 2013.
Meantime, the out-gone president and co.were given  one week to quietly pay back the said sum or face the law.
Esong LARRY from KUMBA, South West Region; Cameroon.

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