When we know it, You know it


7 are killed and Hundreds are injurred in violent clashes between the police and protesters at the Tahrir Square on the 2nd anniversary of the Great Egyptian revolution that ousted Hosni MUBARAK. According to the Health Ministry’s spokesman, at least 29 are receiving treatment for cuts, broken bones and birdshot injuries. President calls for calm as the poor management pf such a clash may spark another chapter of Crises for the country barely reviving its economic and political growth.

In Cameroon, President Paul BIYA of the Republic signs a series of decrees on January 25, 2013 effecting some changes in top positions of the defense force. Colonel AMOUGOU Emmanuel is the brigadier general according to the Articles of this presidential document. Will send you a copy of the list of military officers who through the decree witnessed a January promotion thanks to the perfume of these decrees.

Divisional Officers and Sub Divisional officers of the South West region in their area of command will have to work tooth and nail to ensure a door-to-door identification and registration exercise in day-to-day activities meant to steer people’s interest towards their civic obligations. These belt tightening measures come as a resort after the Number 1 personality of the SWR, Bernard OKALIA BILAI passed stern instructions to the administrative authorities, during his guided tour to KUmba demanding the immediate identification and registration of every resident by January ending. Legal and penal sanctions await recalcitrant residents. In almost the same connection, the South West Regional Boss visited major project sites of the Mbonge Municipality where he launched a tight fist for the completion of unfinished projects in the region for the 2012 PIB.

In Bamenda, the newly installed SDO for Mezam continues his meet the people tour to acquaint himself with realities of villages in his municipality. Santa was the most recent where he impregnated himself with some obvious difficulties the people are subjected to.

Cameroon’s Minister of Public Works, Patrice AMBA SALLA is on a working visit to the South West and Littoral Regions to launch major construction projects such as the 2nd bridge in the economic metropolis, still making headline news in the country.

Custom officials in Cameroon converge in yaounde to mark the 2013 edition of World Customs day. Activities this day centre on ways to improve Customs services in the country.

My Voice, My Rights, My Voice counts continues to be the slogan that awakens people’s minds all over national territory on ways to fight injustice and unpeaceful motives promoting vices rubbing citizens of their rights. The Amnesty international report for 2012 also emphasized on the absolute respect of human rights in different areas,since Abuse of power, poor prison conditions and persecution of homosexuals are many of such issues mentionned that need immediate attention. (Keep watching ‘Voice of the Voiceless’ with Amy BANDA on Spectrum Television for more details. On Voice of the Voiceless, Your VOICE Counts!)
In the same connection, the News agency JADE organised a one day seminar to call on media professionals to continue ringing the bells of government authorities towards efforst made to respect human rights in prison all over national territory.

On a Human Interest note, macabre acts and murder cases continue to be on rise in Cameroon. A woman of age 90 is stabbed and painfully killed in her Bamenda home residence in the Cow street neighbourhood. The neighbours of the deceased are still in shock over the discovery exposing cruelty and danger the society is confronted to.

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