Anna Lára Steindal’s Ten truths about integration



I’m preparing a booklet to introduce pilot projects on immigration and integration in the municipality of Akranes, Iceland The projects are based on a trans sector approach (national/local authorities and civil society) shared responsibilities,  collaboration and post-modern theories about culture and society.

I’ve put toghether this list of statements bout integration and would value your comments.

  1. Integration into a new and sometimes alien society is a complex process that touches the whole world of the person involved and it takes place in all layers of the society in question.
  2. Integration is about people; their dreams, hopes, desires, talents, possibilites and dignity.
  3. Integration is about opening doors and maximizing new comers potentials to use agency and autonomy to develop a healthy identity and a good life in a new context.  
  4. Integration is about individual rights to exercise once agency and develop once identity and duties to comply with national laws and universal values.   
  5. Integration is founded on reciprocal interaction and demands dialogue and active citizenship. 
  6. Integration is a two way process, and the hybrid society that evolves is a matter of healthy democratic change.
  7. Integration needs to be woven into all fabrics of society and reflected in every aspect of interaction.
  8. Integration, and the extent to which it is successfully implemented in a society, is a measure of human rights, democracy and social cohesion in that society.
  9. Integration is not about promoting group rights and cultural diversity for diversities sake but securing access to society and promoting individual freedom to choose once cultural/religious/personal identity.
  10. Integration is about respecting diversity and simultaneously taking on the challenges that follow and turning them into assets and valuable resources.

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