Hi all , below is a mail from the Vice Chancellor of The University of Buea I stumbled on in one of the several yahoogroups. Dr Nalova Lyonga paints a worrisome picture of the University of Buea Students Union. Its a must read!

“100 students calling themselves UBSU want to rule over 17,000 students. How can that be? That is why they foiled a meeting convened by the Administration for all elected executives of the Faculties. All the Faculties have completed their elections smoothly. Now UBSU claims that they a central body that must control all these executives. To do that, they want to hold their own exclusive elections, without the other executives.
The University says, No; we must be democratic and free! If they want to federate, the members must come from among the faculty executives, not UBSU.

UBSU is violent; they come to school with clubs and knives to terrorize students and teachers out of class. It is a dangerous group, consisting of undergraduates, ex-students, non-students – all persons susceptible to being used by extremists of all sorts who want a political gains and self-aggrandizement. University of Buea cannot go down this path. And we must all act. You can send this message to anyone.

We successfully laid the foundation stone yesterday for the building of a 2,500 bed-capacity hostel to house students on campus. This is the long-term plan for modern accommodation and a business centre. The students want photocopiers on campus, which is not a problem but have to be limited in addition to  photocopiers which we are furnishing in the library. The  haphazard connection of photocopiers to electrical outlets in the  current buildings is a hazard and we have had fires twice. “

Nalova Lyonga, PhD

Vice-Chancellor, University of Buea.


And, yes, a restored sovereign Southern Canerokns is a figment of our imagination, but dreams are to life what wings are to birds. Without them, you crawl where you could fly. As the saying goes, it is those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world (Cameroon) who actually do.


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