Ravaging Fires Fluck Businesses to ashes in Douala


The town of Douala has seen many tragic fire incidents causing much damage to businesses. Mainly due to the lack of safety measures in houses, firms and offices to combat flames, AB revisits sad scenes of 2 famous fires that horrified city dwellers over the weekend.


The Horrific blaze broke out Saturday on  a long distance service from the Gandour cosmetic producing company in Douala.

The Flames produced by the fire gutted a greater portion of the firm leaving workers hopeless, jobless and wreckless.

On eye-witness account, it is believed that the frequently electricity cuts, lack of safety measures at work and sloppiness are factors to consider to be the root cause of the raging fires.

The very next day, just when people accepted the blow the Gandour fire gave citydwellers, New Flames flucked 2 fish stores at the New deido market to ashes .

The blaze jingle hit the Chococho bakery in the Bonapriso neighbourhood this time early Monday, leaving workers and customers in frustration, constenation and devastation.

Panic, Fear and Uncertainly have taken a grib of the city dwellers of the  Metropolitan city of Douala who no longer know who will be the next victim, and How soon help will come.

‘There’s a fire incident almost everywhere every single second. We don’t have lights! Neither do we have water! All we know is disaster, pain and very expensive bills.’ Macabe MEJANE exclaimed.

This sad situation leaves many city dwellers jobless and groaning over the poor services of the lone energy supply company.

Others are reminded of the drastic killing of 4 Children in the Cite sic neighbourhood 4 weeks ago, which could have been avoided if the electricity distribution firm did not cut power.

Energy users in the face of all these complex and horrifying scenes, ponder on how soon the lone power supply company will step up its energy distribution services to prevent future raging fires from causing damage to the electrical appliances of customers, and pain to many innocent energy subscibers.


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