Amherst Declaration of Global Citizenship



 The sponsors of the Amherst Declaration of Global Citizenship invite other NGOs, universities, and international peace and development research institutions to become co-sponsors of the  Declaration. The Amherst Declaration reflects the fact that in an increasingly intercconected many of us have incorporated a global identity into who we are. This does not mean that we need to abandon our identities with our countries or  communities. Rather it means that we have an added global layer of civic responsibility, and that we recognize the 21st century necessity of building a sustainable, values-based world community. The current organizational sponsors of the Amherst Declaration invite other organizations from around the world to join us a co-sponsors. Our goal is to demonstrate to world leaders the depth and breadth of institutional and individual commitment to global citizenship, and of the urgent need for people and organizations to work more collaboratively together to solve the growing list of issues that face our planet. 

Attached is a description of the Amherst Declaration. If your organization is interested in becoming a Declaration co-sponsor please contact Ron Israel, Executive Director, The Global Citizens’ Initiative (TGCI): Email address:

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