Global Solutions Lab


The ninth annual Global Solutions Lab is being held this summer, June 16-24, 2013, at the United Nations in New York and Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, PA. Students and young professionals from around the world are briefed by UN experts, develop strategies for solving one of the world’s most critical problems, and present their work at the UN.  This year you or some of your students, friends and colleagues will be able to attend. 

This year the Lab will focus on the regeneration and greening of cities. Food, energy, water, transportation, shelter, health-care, education, and the environment are all on the table. Is fundamental re-design of our basic life-support systems essential for sustainable cities in the 21st century? If so, what are these designs? 

Participants work collaboratively and intensely for seven days. They present their work to UN, corporate and foundation leaders on the last day of the Lab, as well as have their work published in a book. To see last year’s well received publication, check out Further details and registration information are at

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