President Biya completes Cameroon’s 100-person Senate with the appointment of 30 Senators


May 08, 2013


President Biya Appoints 30 Senators: The Complete List


President Biya today appointed the 30 Senators who will complete Cameroon’s 100-person Senate, 70 of whom were elected by indirect suffrage on April 14, 2013. As a reminder, According to Chapter 1, Section 3 of Law No 2006/005 of 14 July 2006 to lay down conditions governing the election of Senators:

“(1) Each region shall be represented in the Senate by 10 (ten) senators 7 (seven) of whom shall be elected by indirect universal suffrage on a regional basis and 3 (three) appointed by decree of the President of the Republic.”
Cameroon national assembly
Apart from a few exceptions such as Dakolle Daissala, a longtime ally of the President and leader of the MDR party, or Pierre Flambeau Ngayap of the UNDP, which is traditionally part of the “presidential majority,” practically all  the Senators are from the ruling CPDM party.

Many of them have previously held cabinet positions in the Biya regime, for example, Francis Nkwain from the Northwest region, Niat Njifenji from the Western province, Rene Ze Nguele from the East, Etame Massoma from Littoral, and Mafany, Musonge, former Prime Minister, from the Southwest region.

There is also the notable presence of traditional rulers among the appointed Senators, prominent among them, Fon Doh Ganyonga III from the Northwest, Sultan Mbombo Njoya from the Western region, and Nfon Victor Mukete from the Southwest. It is worth noting that exactly 55 years ago in 1958, a young Victor Mukete was a member of the Federal House of Representatives of Nigeria, representing Southern Cameroons – a clear indication, if any was needed, of that the new Senate is a gerontocratic institution.
Victor Mukete 1958
Victor Mukete, young member of the Federal House of Representatives of Nigeria in 1958; pioneer Cameroonian senator in 2013 at age 95…

A notable absence from the Senate (at least to those who made this an issue) is the President’s son, Frank Biya, whom many pundits had predicted would be appointed as Senator for his native South region. Of course, that analysis was based on a very erroneous reading of the Biya regime and its modus operandi. But that is a discussion for another day.

Click here to launch or download full text of decree appointing senators


Update – May 14, 2013


Nfon Victor Mukete Presides 1st session of Cameroon Senate





















May 14, 2013: 95-year old Nfon Mukete presiding over the opening session of the new Senate.


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