Horror in Douala: Eric Djomo kills lover and was later burnt to death 10/12/2012



Sous-Manguier Bilongue in Douala is the area where the hideous crime took place this Saturday 7th December 2012.
32 year old, Eric Djomo who was the main actor had just left prison.

He could not bear the one month separation from Fanny who could no longer cope with a violent relationship, though pregnant.

The saga began at about 6 PM when Eric Djomo went on a man hunt for his lover Fanny Metafeu who had sought refuge in her sister’s home.

Eric Djomo captured his victim, frightened the sister out of her own house and began the rampage.
With the aid of two very sharp knives, Eric Djomo stabbed Fanny Metafeu, cut off one of her breasts and parts of her vagina.

The sister’s husband who was earlier stabbed by  Eric rushed out and mobilised the neighbourhood with the soul intension of saving Fanny.

By the time they arrived the scene, Fanny had died and the house set ablaze.

Anger and constenation gripped the neighbours who plunged on him like a wild and ferracious animal. After stabbing four, Eric Djomo could not prevail over the increasing number of neighbours.

He was savagely beaten to death, placed in his car and set on fire. Security forces who were later called in could not reverse the situation.