Workplace Violence: Why the Silence?


17 H 30 Douala – Cameroon


If you experience employment discrimination against abused women, sexual harassment, violence committed by clients or patients, violence associated with robbery or other crimes, violence among co-workers or managers, domestic violence that spills over into the workplace, do not take blame or quit your job.

These are aggravated forms of violence women face on daily basis at their places of work, usually resulting to at least 31% of deaths.

‘Many women have died due to 12.7% of female violent crimes committed at work. This is fast becoming a culture because employers don’t take full responsibilities of maintaining safe workplaces free of violence.’ Emilienne ELONG, the regional delegate for Women’s Empowerment and the Family in the Littoral affirmed.

Learning how to stay safe, Talking to the Supervisor about adding safety tools, Reporting incidents that upset you and talking to your employer if you are facing domestic violence, are four responsible tips to help keep safe.

‘Women must cultivate the habit of denouncing harassments at work that could lead to tense and unfruitful working environments.’ Agnes EDIBE, Delegate for Women’s Empowerment and the Family for Douala 1 said.

Maintaining a safe workplace free of violence is urging all to document assault incidents, close calls and abusive behaviour.