11:58 Douala – Cameroon



The Annual joint-aerial-delivery exercise brought US Army personnel with counterparts from militaries through out Africa in a 10 day intensive training to promote working relations between participating forces and enhance the Ministry of Defense Forces’ capability of resupplying forces in remote areas.

The Classroom instruction and field training exercise regrouping at least 745 participants from Cameroon, US and partner nations increased their interoperability with the US.

General Carter HAM left the CENTRAL ACCORD 2013 closing ceremony fulfilled with the job done and certain that trainees are apt to man field realities in combat zones.

Captain DONAHUE, the Exercise Director separated with the trainees certain of their military aptitude to implement the acquired theoritical skills and practical know-how, when the opportunity surfaces.

US Ambassador to Cameroon, Robert P. Jackson and the Secretary of State to the Minister of Defence in charge of the Veterans and War Victims, KOUMPA ISSA  saw this as a legitimate platform to seal bi lateral relations existing between Cameroon and the US.